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About Us

We are an ERP service provider with independent research and development capabilities. Our core business focus is our new-era cloud based ERP system, business consultation, as well as tailor made systems.

Our new-era ERP system allows you the flexibility to select only the modules / functions that your business needs, be it CRM, Business operation, Project management, eCommerce, HRM or MRP – at your own pace and own budget. We provide packages of all price levels, to better serve the SME market. We have successfully assisted many companies to implement operation management systems suitable for their operation, the industries including: Food manufacturing, Business centers, Storage & logistic centers, IT companies, Franchise management, Central procurement & wholesale, Professional services, Retail & wholesale, eCommerce etc. 

Our corporate culture is “Simple + SMART”, as we are committed to creating an “efficient” and “smart” business environment for our company, as well as all corporations that use our products.

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Our Clients

Professional Services (Insurance, Finance, Accounting, Beauty, Agency/HR)  


Wholesale, Franchise & Trading


Information & Technology Service

eCommerce & POS systems

Logistics & Warehouse Management

Customer Testimonials

“Starting from the GAP analysis, then on to the project testing, and lastly the implementation. Wantech provided a lot of valuable professional advise to us."

Johnny Cheng - Apple Storage IT Manager


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