Apple Storage
One of Hong Kong's biggest storage business

Apple Storage

One of Hong Kong's biggest storage business

Pain points

    • Requires electronic warehouse management system integrated with barcode 

    • Requires centralized system to manage multiple companies & warehouses

    • Requires system to manage different storage business

    • Requires management of received/delivered product with e-signature confirmation


    • Cloud warehouse management system with barcode integration, ease of accessing availability and storage status at a click

    • One centralized system to manage and access all companies & warehouses

    • Customized system to accommodate to and handle all different storage businesses

    • Integrated delivery, receive workflow into the warehouse management system with customer and driver e-signature confirmation

Customer Testimonials

“Starting from the GAP analysis, then on to the project testing, and lastly the implementation. Wantech provided a lot of valuable professional advise to us."

Johnny Cheng  -Apple Storage IT Manager

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